At Parker we coordinate all your building and maintenance needs, from concept design to project completion.


Parker Construction has grown into the company we know today by developing and applying a passionate team of construction specialists into an industry they love.

The construction industry is an ever-changing environment making it necessary for one to adapt to current trends and technological advancements. Due to this reality, Parker has developed an ability to adjust project schedules, business operations, and the services we provide to ensure that we exceed our client’s expectations.

Over the years we have created strong relationships with our clients, some of whom we have serviced for over 16 years.

Keeping updated with current trends, codes and practices enables us to make proactive decisions to excel in our industry.

No matter the size of the project at hand, our project manager’s experience allows them to foresee problems that may arise in the future and adjust in the ways necessary to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget.

Our scope of works can range from large scale building works all the way down to changing a light globe in store.

Our maintenance side of the business ensure the quality of the job, and that once the job is completed, we can continue to service what we have built - giving you the peace of mind that we back our works.

Shop Fitting

Over the years, Parker has developed a keen know-how as to what actions are necessary to conduct a successful project. With that being said, the reality of the retail construction industry is that each project contains its own unique needs. For this reason, Parker provides an array of services to complete that task at hand.

Parker has an undeniable track record of closing stores out on time & on budget, exhibiting exceptional communication skills, and following store plans to the smallest detail to make sure the store is built correctly the first time.

Store removal and make goods are an everyday occurrence within the industry, whether the store is moving across the centre or simply closing.

Shopping centres and landlords have set guidelines to ensure that upon vacation the site or tenancy is left in a condition that enables the incoming tenant to be able to start there fit out with as little disruption as possible.

This is where Parker has the knowledge from both sides of the process. We know what the incoming client needs, as it is what we would expect. Our Defit process ensures the understanding of the exact standards needed, to enable a smooth and hassle-free handover, saving time and cost.



The installation of hoarding on site creates not only a visual covering from the project, but also a safe environment to work within.

The containment of dust and building works from the general public is a crucial part of both the building industry and the environment these days.

Every aspect of Work Health and Safety is adhered to on all Parker sites and we do our best to assist other projects in getting the correct start.

All Parker installed hoardings are AS 4687 compliant, compact, freestanding and pre-certified indoor or outdoor hoarding solutions. In order to achieve this pre-certified status for indoor use, the products must be assembled into a hoarding (with the required consumables such as panels and timber) and ‘impact tested’ with a weighted pendulum under the specific conditions set out within the Australian Standard for Hoarding and Fencing – AS4687.

The impact testing required has been completed under the supervision and approval of an independent structural engineer.

Vinyl wrapping of the installed hoarding can also be arranged to give the plain white barrier an individual design to promote an incoming tenant or centre specific artwork.

Have peace of mind knowing that the structure is safe clean and non-intrusive to the surroundings. With no added costs of holes to patch in bulkheads or terrazzo floors.

Additional Services

Retail - Strip Outs / Fit Outs
Office - String Outs / Fit Outs
Cat 1 Works - Sprinklers / Hydraulics / Electrical
Cabling Cat 5 - 6 Tel