We have a client base that consists of continual satisfied customers, some of whom have been using Parker for many years. We work hard to retain our customers, who often refer us to others. Over 60% of our clients use us regularly to carry out major and minor residential and commercial improvements.

We remove the hassle and reduce the cost of handling high volume property repairs. in response to issues faced by retail store managers, we developed a service model that has resulted in them being able to make one phone call to us detailing their request for repair, and our claims consultants take care of the rest.

We act as a trades and services support network to all our clients, allowing them and their staff more time to focus on the core drivers of their business, which are their clients and customers. We treat every site and property as if they were our own. Our proven 'on time, polite and professional service' has allowed Parker to build lasting relationships with many company directors and property managers.

Through our specialist commercial and retail fit out division, with clients ranging from small retail outlets to major shopping centres.